Isaiah 50: 2-9
Raising Our Expectations of God Pt.1

An Invitation to raise your faith to a new level!

God wants us to Raise our expectations of Him so we can have more of His power, more of His authority and more of His influence operating in our lives, not just more material things.

Seek the kingdom of God first above all else. We have to spend time with Him in the morning to get the code. He has all the codes.

-God has put some combinations and passwords in the life of our "faith-game" which will...

#1 Trigger Events or Effects for us!

One of the codes is prayer and worship. Acts 16:26-28, Daniel 1:15-17, John 11:40-44

Some things have us all tied and wrapped up because we don't have the code to loose us.

#2 Give us Infinite Ammunition. 2 Corinthians 10:14, Romans 8:31

#3 Increase our Character Health. Our character health is a rich and satisfying life. 3 John 2(AMP), Isaiah 58:11(NLT), John 10:10

#4 Change us into a Completely Different Character. 2 Corinthians 5:17, Philippians 1:11

#5 And a lot more... Ephesians 3:20(KJV)(AMP), Acts 1:8 (AMP)

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